Sunday, September 12, 2010

Don't Panic!

Everything is creeping up on me, I am starting to panic and I know I shouldn't because I always manage to get it all completed. Are you wondering what I am talking about? Well, its the holidays of course. With it come card orders and holiday classes and then there is all the other holiday preparations. Wow, its only September take a deep breath I tell myself and breath, it's going to be okay there is plenty of time to get it all done.

Okay, now its your turn if you want to be ahead of the holidays it's time to start planning now. I have some wonderful ideas for gift giving, card making and of course all those holiday decorations. So, if you are interested in learning more then all you need to do is contact me 702-523-9056.

Convention Holiday Display
September Calendar

Card Club - Thursday, September 16th 7pm
Monday Madness Class - Monday, September 20th 7pm
12 Gifts Before Christmas Class - Saturday, September 25th 11 am

Updates Coming Soon!

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