Monday, November 14, 2011

Been Busy!

I thought I would just write a little today. I know it has been a while since I was on the blog, so I thought I would just catch you up with whats been going on. In October I helped host my great nieces 4th Birthday party. It was a Princess Tea party. I made the invitations and lots of other decorations. That was an added project for me other than the usual, Tuesday Technique, Monday Madness, Holiday Gifts and Card Club workshops already on my calendar.
I also was sick in October one whole week where I could not even get out of bed, I went to the Doctor and found out I had a slight case of Bel's Palsy. I am feeling much better now, but I am still tiring to take it easy and not over do it again, with the holidays coming I can't afford to get a relapse.
Now that it is November I am winding down on the Stamp classes to give myself a break for the Holidays and to work on my own projects for all my gift giving.
I have already started with some of the projects when I taught the Holiday Gift classes, but I want to make more of the projects to give to family and friends. I also started some sewing projects too, that will also be gifts for family.
I am not going to promise postings of all the projects right now, if time allows I will post them but for now some of them are surprises. I am sure they will all be posted eventually.
Well, that's all for now. If you don't here from me until December or January just know I am busy working on wonderful projects that I will share with you soon. Also, if I am not back before the new year, I want to wish you all Happy Holiday's and a Happy and Safe New Year!

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