Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Enter My Bithday Card Challenge!

Since this year is my 50th Birthday I thought I would have a Bithday Card Challenge! Here are a few pictures of my trip to Hawaii, I thought I would use for a contest. Using the pictures below as inspiration, make me a card and send it to me by my Birthday on April 29th and I will post and enter all the cards I receive into a contest for a wonderful prize. I will announce the winner and the prize will be either delivered or mailed to the winner by May 10th. Please write on the outside of the envelope Birthday Card Challenge. I can't wait to see what I receive!
Send Cards to: 7355 Severance Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89131

Updates Coming Soon!

2017 has been a trying year for our family, so I have put a lot of things on the back burner and my blog has been one of them. I am going to...