Saturday, June 4, 2016

My Loyalty Rewards Program!

My Customer Loyalty Rewards!
June's Hostess Code is
this code is good till June 17th! Use this code when checking out and I will mail you Free Product as a THANK YOU for your loyalty
& for picking me as your demonstrator! All orders over $25 qualify for Loyalty Rewards!

Please DO NOT use this code if you are ordering $150 or more, because you will qualify for your own Hostess Rewards! No-Contact-Button.jpg (598×138)
 PLEASE NOTE – if you tick the NO box – I am not allowed to contact you - I do not receive any information about you and am unable to provide you with loyalty rewards or thank you cards. I promise I do not abuse my contact privilege with my customers. 
Each Month the Code will change and you can find the new code on
my Stampin' Up! Website under the Promotions Heading!

Happy Stamping!

Updates Coming Soon!

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