Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cool September Cards!

I am finally feeling better, last week I was feeling a little under the weather. But I am much better now. I just hope I stay feeling better. Because I have a busy week ahead of me. Thursday's Card Club and then Saturday's Stamp Camp to get ready for, I have finished all of Thursday's projects and now I need to concentrate on Saturday's projects and I am having a bit of a creative block going on and it may have to do with the headache I had all last week. I am sure I will get it all done. I have also been working on Holiday card orders too. I am almost done with one and then on to the next. There is still time to for you to order Hoilday cards or if you would prefer to buy kits to make them yourself that option is always available too. Make sure to contact me before the end of October for Holiday cards. Here are some of my creations I have been working on.

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