Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I am being Spotlighted by Sherrill Graff!

Well, I am being spotlighted by Sherrill Graff so I thought I better post something new today since I have been so busy working on Pre-Convention & Convention activities! I am getting so excited for Convention and it is less than 8 weeks away. This is a Card I made using a technique from the Stamping School site called Bleeding Image. I love to do techniques, I think they add a nice element to my work. That is why I am the Wow Organiser for LNS Pre-Convention Events.
I wish I could show you more, but I can't until Convention is here and little by little I will release all the exciting things I have been working on and then you will know why my site is a little quite during June and July.
Here is a list of what is to come:

Creations I am working on 80+1 card for a swap, 3 Shoe Box Swaps and a recipe Swap.
I have also entered two Artisan Contest one for the LNS Event and the big one from Stampin' UP!
Wish me luck!

Updates Coming Soon!

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