Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mystery Hostess Week!

Mystery Hostess Week – and earn a free box of cards!
It’s time for A Mystery Hostess Week - May 20, through May 30th
Hostess Code  4YSJMQK2
For All Qualifying order of $50.00 or more before S&H
“what is Mystery Hostess?” – Stampin' Up! has implemented a new coding system allowing all online orders using the same “code” to be grouped together as a workshop.  Once the workshop ends, the orders are totaled, a winner is drawn, and that person receives the Hostess rewards for the entire “workshop”.  *As a Mystery Hostess you can earned a minimum $25 of free product, but the more orders the more you can earn. All you have to do is sign into online shopping  and on the first page, place the code in the box in the  bottom left corner of the order
*there is no guaranteed winning amount as total prize is based entirely on orders placed
And as you know – I make a few cards! LOL – my studio is overflowing – SO – who better to share them with than my wonderful customers!  Each order this week is also going to receive a gift box assortment of cards (minimum of 10 in each box), mailed to them (while supplies last) – as my Thank you for your business.
PS Make sure you check out all the retired list of items, especially the Stamps, they will be gone come June 1st to make way for New Stamps.


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