Sunday, July 14, 2013

In Salt Lake City....

Well, I made it to Salt Lake City! We had a miss hap this morning, you see I have a new Ford C-Max and do you know that it has a max load rating of only 826 pounds and we packed it to the brim there was no room for one more thing and we took off from the house and got half way down the street and my car just stopped dead in its tracks, yep it wouldn't go anywhere, so we had to go back to the house unload everything and re-load it all into the truck, LOL!! Do you think we brought too much Stamping stuff with us!  But we are here and I wanted to share what I made my roommate Penny, this is a cute way to display a photo album, the bottom slides out and is a photo album.

Remember check back each day for more pictures and miss hap of the day!

The Gift I made Penny

This is the Gift Penny made me, isn't this Haunted House so Cute!

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